About Taumarunui

Taumarunui, the meeting place of the Whanganui and Ongarue Rivers, was an important centre in Maori history. A rural service and shopping centre and the largest town in the Ruapehu District, Tamarunui is known for its farming, railway history, trout fishing, gardens and weaving. The golf course is listed amongst the country’s top 50.

Taumarunui’s population was set at 5,136 at the 2001 census.  However, this figure doesn’t take into account a much larger rural farming community for which Taumarunui is the central hub.
Taumarunui is around 2.5 hours from Hamilton and 45 mins to Whakapapa Village in the Tongariro National Park.

How to Pronounce Taumarunui

maraeThe Maori language, or Te Reo, is a melodic and flowing language.  When spoken correctly, it is really quite lovely to listen to.  Like any language though, there is a trick to pronouncing the words and names in the way the Maori people themselves do.  Many non-Maori people struggle with our Maori place names including a lot of New Zealanders!

Taumarunui is correctly pronouced  Toe-mah-roo-noo-ee.  The R sound should be rolled.  Easy!

All Maori place names are easy to pronounce once you know how to make the key sounds for the language.  All maori vowels are always pronounced in the same way, they don’t change their sounds for different words as in english.  You can pronounce any maori word once you know how to say the vowels and a couple of other sounds:

A    –     ‘aah’   as in farm                   I    –    ‘ee’  as in ‘ easy’                U    –    ‘oo’  as in ‘pooh’
E    –     ‘eh’ or ‘air’                              O   –    ‘oh’  as in ‘got’

The other two sounds that are particular to the Maori language and have a certain way of being pronounced are the following:

Ng    –    as in ‘sing’                         Wh    –     is dialectal in Maori but always pronounced as ‘f’

Once you’ve mastered how to make these sounds you can pronounce any Maori word you see correctly.  Kia Kaha!  Be strong and good luck.