Our Environmental Footprint

We are constantly monitoring our use of resources and reviewing how we can do better for our environment. We aim to minimise our footprint through sustainably managing the use, development and protection of the natural and physical resources that we impact upon.  Taumarunui Holiday Park understands that the way in which we operate leaves an environmental footprint, whether it’s the electricity we use to light the Park, the rubbish left by ourselves and our guests, or the emissions from our ride-on lawnmower.  We have developed the following environmental policy which is based on a commitment to improving our environmental performance across all areas of our business practice, and in the service and experience we offer. Our sustainability will be an ongoing journey which will improve with time and experience. In order to achieve this we pledge the following:

To think before we buy

Informed buying decisions can help us reduce the amount of raw materials used in manufactured goods, eliminate air and land pollution, cut waste volumes, support local businesses and encourage good employment practices here and overseas. This can also help stop the destruction of valuable native forests and natural habitats around the world.

To think before we use

Efficient use of energy, water, office products, fuel and other resources we use to ensure our park reduces it’s environmental impact.

To think before we discard

We recycle and compost as much waste as possible to help reduce air and land pollution, and reduce the amount going into landfills.

To protect wildlife and natural habitats

We plant predominantly native trees and shrubs that birds love in our grounds which encourages our local native birds like Tui and Piwakawaka (fantails) to visit us. We use paper and wood mulch on our gardens to conserve water loss and help them to thrive.

To educate and grow

We are dedicated to learning how to improve our performance and reduce our environmental impact. We make customers/guests aware of what we’re doing and inform them how they can actively participate in helping our environmental sustainability.

To commit to legal compliance

Our business ensures compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe.